Operations & Logistics

we can directly supply you

Our Mines

With access to some of the best mines in the region, we can directly supply you with Kaolin, Phosphate and Rock Salt products.

Trucking / Shipping

Kaolin trucking / shipping

ready to ship quantities are stored in the Alexandria stocking area. Located 20 minutes from the sea port, this highly accessible stocking area enables us to load quantities of up to 10,000 tons per day.


With mines in Aswan we have access to vast quantities of phosphate rock. Raw phosphate is usually exported from either our Red Sea or Alexandria platform, and generally we are able to ship and load up to 10,000 tons/day.

Rock Salt

With a mine located in Siwa boasting an annual production of 600,000 metric tons, AIMR is an abundant producer and supplier of halite in the region. Our quality is unmatched and the shipping services are exceptional.

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