Phosphate rocks

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Phosphate Rocks

What is Phosphate Rock?

Phosphate rock (or Phosphorite) basically refers to any form of rock that possesses a high phosphorous content. Often extracted by means of surface drilling, this rock is mined through a blasting and harvesting process. Its uses are quite varied. Frequently it is utilized to make calcium phosphate nutritional supplements, and more regularly it is put into fertilizers for agricultural use.

Where can you find Phosphate rock?

Nearly 80% of the world phosphate rock is currently mined from sedimentary deposits of phosphate rich material endemic to areas such as China, the Middle East, Africa and the US. Now produced almost exclusively from surface mines (versus underground mines), phosphate rock is an extremely useful mineral.

Our Phosphate Origin

We export the raw phosphate rocks directly from the mines. The origin of such rocks is generally Aswan. Located along the Nile, there are numerous well-known quarries in this area. Rich in minerals and varying types of stone, Aswan is a major mining region.

Available Grades

Phosphate rock is measured by content of phosphate present in the
particular sedimentary particle.

Our phosphorite products come the following phosphate densities:
31%, 30%, 29%, 28%, 27%, 26%, 25%, 24%, 23%, and 22%


Eager to accommodate your needs, we offer a variety of packaging and shipment options for our phosphate rock products. Supplying largely to the agricultural industry, we often ship in bulk utilizing various vessels and containers. Depending on your country’s regulations and restrictions, we can come up with a solution and packaging option to deliver your Egyptian phosphorite product safely and efficiently.

Usage and Industries

Phosphate Applications

Its primary use is in the agricultural industry. Crucial to fertilizers, phosphate rock represents the building block of the fertilizer industry. The calcium phosphate imbues the soil with nutrients that are vital to plant and other type of organic growth. Also, phosphate rock has been used extensively
in animal feed and supplements.

Supply Chain

Phosphate Supply Chain
  • India, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Canada
  • Peru

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