Sea Salt

De-icing product for roads

What is Sea Salt ?

Living in a planet which has a surface mostly covered with a too salty water, and with having one of the best extracting facilities, equipment and a highly experienced team of professionals, dedicated to the extraction of sea salt and the transition of a liquid to a gaseous, vaporized state.

As the water vaporizes after capturing it in shallow ponds the salt remains behind, creating a more saline water which is crystallized by the effect of wind and sun, leaving the salt crystals in its harvesting state.

Sea salt in Deicing

Egyptian Sea-Salt bulk for ice removal

Using Sea salt as a deicer on the snowy roads is considered the most environmentally friendly and natural salt that exists for the use of snow melting.

The sea salt is the main factor reaching the “Freezing point depression”; salt helps lowering the freezing point of the water, which is the main component of snow and consequently the melting point of it, and prevents the water from freezing or re-freezing.

When the salt is sprinkled on snow or ice, it makes a brine with the thin film of water covering snow and ice, leading to a start of melting process once the ice sprinkled on part is touched with.

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