The highest carbon percentage coal

What is anthracite?

A hard and brittle black rock, anthracite is an extremely useful resource especially for heating applications. With a high carbon content and few impurities, the coal products we offer are ideal for residential and domestic uses. Containing less than 15% moisture content, the flame of this particular product burns blue and hot.

As the heat intensity is thus rather high, anthracite products burn efficiently and cleanly.

Our Anthracite Origins

Importing only the best materials, our anthracite comes primarily from mines in Russia and Peru. Bearing a high carbon content and low sulphur level, the anthracite that we use is an extraordinarily high quality raw material.

Usage and Industries

Coal Applications

So what are anthracite based products used for a high BTU energy source, anthracite is used for a variety of heating applications both residential and commercial; also, because of its inherent properties it also tends to be widely used
in the smelting, chemical and metallurgical industries.

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