Talc, Talcum or soapstone are white or grey metamorphic rocks in the form of large fibrous foliated aggregates, in chemical terms it belongs to silicates group called magnesium silicate hydrate also called steatite. Despite its Hardness scale, talc is considered the softest mineral on earth and it’s even called baby powder as it’s used safely on the skin on newly born babies.

AIMR’s talc is located in the central and south Eastern Desert of Egypt formed of metavolcanic rocks shaped in the form of irregular masses.

It’s really surprising how talc gets into the manufacturing of many products surrounding us that we even use on a daily basis, Its greasy & slippery features makes it used in the manufacturing of a variety of products starting from personal products including baby powder which prevents kids’ diaper rush, cosmetics& pharmaceutical products passing by food as it’s used as food additive, medical purposes and also in ceiling materials ceramic, paint, rubber, plastics , paper and Sculpture paints.

AIMR is the largest supplier first grade white talc lumps from Egypt’s best talc mines.

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