Growth Opportunities in AMIR’s refractories section

The potential trade opportunities of AIMR’s refractories section are getting wider after adding our AIR-SETTING WET MORTARS to the range, those Mortars are rated to be used in situations in which temperature are between 2000-2700 degrees.

Improving Environmental Management in Upper Egypt

We are proud to be one of the first mining companies to use its environmental knowledge and assets to prepare and submit a strategic environmental assessment in Egypt which could help build a long-term sustainable future for not only AIMR’s meant mining fields, but also to the whole mining community in the region.  

AIMR extends its Asian Phosphate market

AIMR is extending with its Aswan mined phosphate rocks (Phosphorite) Its presence in the Asian Phosphate market through its agricultural industries where its primary used.    

AIMR Started mining operations for rock salt (Halite) deposits in Siwa, Egypt

After starting its mining operations in Siwa- Egypt, AIMR is now supplying all commercial grades of Deicing Salt for use in the snow clear of roads, runways and highways through an exceptional supply chain delivering shipments from our Halite mines in Siwa and graded in our stocking are inside Alexandria Sea-Port so that largest vessels can […]

AIMR Acquired exclusive rights for selling Feldspar and Quartz for upper Egypt mine

AIMR has now exclusive rights for selling Feldspar and Quartz for upper Egypt mine.

AIMR now is a selling partner for El-Nasr Mining

We’re glad to announce that AIMR is now a selling partner for El-Nasr Mining

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