Rock Salt

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Rock Salt

AIMR started its Rock Salt trading operations few years ago through the group minerals trading arm AMTC, and achieved firm steps towards expanding in USA and Canada Markets. Recently, AIMR Started mining operations for the Egyptian Deicing Salt in one of the best spots all over the world which is Siwa oasis in Egypt producing a premium grade Bulk Rock Salt (Halite) with purity up to 99.2%.

Siwa Salt for Ice Removal

AIMR supplies all commercial grades of Deicing Salt from Egypt for use in the snow clear of roads, runways and highways through an exceptional supply chain delivering shipments from our Halite mines in Siwa and graded in our stocking area inside Alexandria Sea-Port so that largest vessels can be loaded within few working days with loading rate exceeding 9000 tons/day.

AIMR now is one of the largest suppliers of Bulk Rock Salt ( Deicing Salt ) products in USA, Canada and Europe. We are unique manufacturers and distributers of our own range of Rock Salt products either in bulk or sieved to different grain size and moisture content less than 1%.

What is Rock Salt ?

Rock salt, or Halite, is mined all over the world. The byproduct of dried up enclosed seas and ancient lakes, the resulting halite was, over time, covered in sediment and natural material. Mining for this salt requires locating and extracting sodium chloride from vast stretches of underground salt beds. AIMR specializes in just this type of extraction. Focusing on both the indigenous salt mines and on the Siwa Oasis in Egypt, we offer two types of rock salt products: pure Egyptian rock salt and also that which is mixed with 23% sea salt. Rock salt extracted from Siwa boasts a purity of 99.2% with a maximum moisture content of 1%

Available Types of Rock Salt

AIMR provides a variety of sodium chloride products for both commercial and residential uses. With access to the best mines and resources available, our product stock is certainly considerable.

Raw Salt

Bulk Road Salt

Containing rather large crystals, this unrefined form of mined Egyptian rock salt bulk often contains a large amount of sediment and dirt. Still, however, it has proven useful certainly for de-icing bulk applications along with a variety of industrial applications.

Washed Salt

Washing bulk rock salt in its brine, the undesirable matter is thus removed and the product is essentially cleaned, leaving it whiter in appearance, closer to what many would consider the “true” color of salt.   Useful in industrial and chemical applications, this washed salt can also ultimately be used toward the production of table salt and can be shipped in bulk or jumbo bags.

Crushed Salt

Once mined and extracted, large salt crystals will often go through a cycle in which it may get crushed three or four times. Using grinding mills, we can create smaller particles suitable for use in a number of industries.

Sieved Salt

With Sieved Salt, the material is taken through a screening process in which the resultant particles (and what AIMR consequently is able to supply)

Are available in the following sizes:

0-1mm, 0-3mm, 0-6mm, 0-8mm, 0-10mm, 0-12mm

Where can you find rock salt?

Siwa :

Our salt begins with the ancient seas surrounding the Siwan Oasis. Located in Egypt’s western desert, Siwa is rich in the byproduct of this evaporated ocean: halite.

Extracting this Egyptian rock salt from beneath layers of sand, we are able to harvest sodium chloride that has a purity level of over 99%.


Eager to accommodate your needs, we offer a variety of packaging and shipment options for our Egyptian rock salt products. Supplying to countries worldwide, we often ship rock salt in bulk utilizing various vessels sizes and containers.

Depending on your country’s regulations and restrictions, we can come up with a solution and packaging option to deliver your Egyptian mineral product safely and efficiently. Additionally, we can fulfill smaller orders and package rock salt in jumbo bags or retail bags for convenience of use and delivery.

Usage and Industries

Salt Applications

Obviously the primary use for rock salt and related products is for the removal of ice and snow. As sodium chlorine has a much lower freezing temperature than water, ice melts quite efficiently with the use of Rock Salt Products. Roughly 60-80% of mined salt is used in this capacity.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries also rely upon the use of halite for various products that they manufacture. The saline component is instrumental in the Pharmaceutical industry; while chemical companies utilize sodium chloride in detergents and solvents.

Supply Chain

Salt Supply Chain
  • Middle and Northern USA
  • Canada
  • Middle and Northern Europe

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