De-icing product for roads


Since starting our salt operations, AIMR has built a proud reputation for time-honored commitment to ‎excellence which is built on a rich history of performance and service.‎

AIMR is Egypt’s premier supplier of rock salt, sea salt, and evaporated salt, food grade salt,‎‏ ‏personal ‎care salt, and many other applications. We are a proven lowest cost source for all grades of both bulk ‎and bag salt products, supplying clients throughout Europe, USA, and Canada.‎

Our present-day commitment to excellence is built on a century-long history of service and ‎performance. Day-to-day operations at AIMR put real meaning behind these words. AIMR’s sustainably ‎hand-harvested salt products have turned into a worldwide known quality brands that have developed ‎a reputation as one of the finest salts in the world. ‎

AIMR is one of the largest suppliers of Bulk Rock Salt ( Deicing Salt ) in Egypt with purity exceeding 99% and moisture content less than 1%.

Road Salt for ice removal

Living in a planet which has a surface mostly covered with a too salty water, and with having one of the best extracting facilities, equipment and a highly experienced...

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