Shaped Refractories

Crafted for high performance

Alumina Bricks

What is Refractory Mortar?

Coming in a variety of types, densities and ranges, our alumina brick products can be used in more specialized applications, to include : incinerators, regenerators and blast furnace linings

Siliceous Fireclay Bricks

Produced from high-grade raw Egyptian siliceous fireclays, these bricks prove ideal for tunnel kilns and runners. Possessing an ability to withstand temps of up to 3000 degrees F, this product is made of only the finest in Egyptian raw materials.

Fireclay Bricks

Extremely heavy and dense with a low porosity, fireclay bricks, or firebricks are perfect for fireplaces or pizza ovens. Combined with our refractory mortar products and the fireclay bricks are certainly
a sounds investment.

Aluminous Fireclay Bricks

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High Alumina Bricks

Containing up to 85% alumina, these bricks are incredibly corrosion and wear resistant. Additionally, as they withstand especially high heats they are ideal for the chemical and refinery industries.

Chemically bonded High Alumina Bricks

Disparate from high alumina bricks, the chemically bonded variety are particularly string and dense. These can be applied to electric arc furnace roofs as well as used for burner blocks.

Lightweight Bricks (Insulation Bricks)

Exhibiting unique insulating properties, these lightweight refractory bricks have a low capacity for shrinkage and a great structural strength and integrity rating.

Crushed Alumina Bricks

In the interest of ecological responsibility, using crushed bricks is a great choice. Versatile and perfect for a number of applications to include: roofing materials, in various landscaping projects or in construction. Still made of the finest Egyptian raw materials, are crushed refractory products are an excellent option and an environmentally healthy one.

Usage and Industries

Shaped Refractories Target Audience
  • Cement factories
  • Fertilizers factories
  • Petrochemicals factories
  • Steel factories
  • Refractories trading companies

Supply Chain

Shaped Refractories Target Audience
  • East, West, and North Africa
  • Middle East

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