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Alumina Brick FAQs:

What types of uses are there for alumina bricks?

Many. Any application in which high heat temperatures are involved is an ideal one in which to use alumina bricks. Be it chimneys, kilns, or blast furnace linings, these brick products are absolutely necessary for proper installation.

What’s the difference between alumina bricks and fireclay bricks?

A fireclay brick is a type of alumina brick. Beneath the heading alumina brick there are a number of variations of this particular brick family, all of which function superbly under high heat situations.

What exactly is alumina?

Alumina is a white granule that is produced from the refining of bauxite. Bauxite is a rock that represents the chief component of aluminum.

How are these bricks sold?

This will depend on your project and needs. One of our specialists will be happy to review your project and put together a comprehensive estimate for your particular project.

Are crushed alumina bricks really that useful?

Indeed they are. In the interest of raising the alumina content of your filler, many use this crushed product in industrial applications. A premium high quality material, crushed alumina brick can certainly be an important facet of many industrial applications.

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