Rock Salt

Rock Salt FAQs:

Where does Rock Salt come from?

It is the byproduct of dried up enclosed seas and ancient lakes. Currently companies extract this salt through a variety of methods. Our Egyptian rock salt largely comes from the Siwa oasis, one of the richest areas in Egypt and the world as far as halite. Not to mention, Siwa salt boasts a 99.2% purity level.

How does rock salt melt ice?

The science behind this is quite simple really. When added to water, rock salt lowers the freezing point by 20-30 degrees. This in essence, makes it so that ice does not form as it would should water stand alone (unmixed with rock salt). So it is not melting the ice per se; rather, our Egyptian rock salt prevents the formation of the bond that would otherwise occur between pavement and ice.

Where can I find out more about the science of rock salt as a premier ice melting agent?

Google it! The internet is filled with pertinent information about this topic and many such similar topics pertaining to rock salt, sodium chloride and a wide variety of Egyptian rock salt and mineral products.

How is rock salt generally sold?

Sold either in bulk or (for smaller scale applications) packaged and bagged, rock salt can be delivered in a number of ways. We can certainly customize a packaging solution for your Deicing rock salt needs.

Is rock salt edible?

Generally speaking no. This particular form of halite is not meant to be ingested. Salt must go through a purification process before it can be eaten. Our rock salt is specifically meant for de-icing applications.

How much does rock salt typically cost?

This will depend on the amount and type you are looking to purchase. From raw salt to washed salt we carry a variety of rock salts, representing a number of stages in the salt process. We will be happy to quote you for all of your Egyptian rock salt needs.

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