Refractory Mortar

Mortar FAQs:

What are these types of mortars best used for?

Refractory mortar, unlike ordinary mortar is impervious to extremely high temperatures thus making it perfect for use in fireplaces, brick ovens, chimneys, basically anywhere in which the mortar product would be exposed to a great deal of heat.

How do I know if I need heat or air setting mortar?

It is best to consult an engineer first. He/she will be able to effectively gauge which type of mortar would be most suited to your project. Our specialists are certainly here to help as well.

How thick should refractory mortar joints be?

Just as with any type of mortar project, there is a range of recommended thicknesses as far as joints. And again, this may be a question for your contractor and/or engineer to determine.

Do refractory mortars cost a lot more than standard mortar products?

Generally they are a bit more, how much of course depends on your project, the type of mortar and the quantity. Again, we would be happy to work up a custom quote for you.

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