Kaolin for Ceramics

Kaolin and Chamotte for Ceramics and Porcelain Industries

The Egyptian Kaolin for Ceramic Grade AIMR provides is a cornerstone material in the production of ceramics worldwide. Ceramics are those products made primarily of natural clays and combinations of different mineral admixtures, as its when fired assumes a vitreous or stone-like quality. Ceramic products are exceptionally differing in their purpose, decorative and technical properties, Ceramics production consists of; processing of the raw material, preparation of a plastic ceramic mixture, shaping, drying and firing of the ceramic product..

Kaolin is used extensively in the ceramic industry, where its high fusion temperature and white burning characteristics make it particularly suitable for the floor tiles, porcelain, and technical ceramics production.

AIMR supplies the optimized chamotte for ceramics industry which have a high control of rheological properties; enabling the casting slip to flow and drain after the cast formation, with dry and fired strength, dimensional stability and an outstanding whiteness, providing our partners a rich Al2O3 bulk kaolin or sieved ready-to-use China Clay which Ceramic manufacturers can rely on.

AIMR committed and dedicated technicians, mining and production engineers are engaged in each step of the extracting and developing of our raw Egyptian kaolin from its early beginnings, till it reaches our customers warehouses whether in its bulk status, packed in jumbo bags, calcined or sieved on a pre-requested mesh (micron) size, in a time frame and quality standards which AIMR always insure to fulfill its customers satisfaction.

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